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Moonlight Parade_HSD_2014

Moonlight Parade (for two)

Dance View Times/George Jackson

“The duo Moonlight Parade characterizes two female dancers, Kayla Farrish and Ariel Freedman, by intertwining and separating their choreographic paths. Farrish’s confidence is as apparent as it was in “Task”, but she summons even more rich muscularity. Freedman is bold, sharp and in a leap shows off her balletic line. The sketchiness, the quick changes of Simoneau’s challenges elicit a camaraderie from the two dancers that is as joyous to watch in the “moonlight” (a round spot of light on the stage floor) as it might be in sunshine.” (2015)

13 minutes

2 Dancers



The Task of Doing

In The Task of Doing Simoneau explores the complexities of the “roles” we take on in relation to others. Developed in tandem with the original score by contemporary composer Eric Schwartz, the piece examines these roles or personas in relationship to fitting in or standing out, and how a desire for either shapes our choices. How do external expectations change the way we present ourselves? How and why do we take on these roles?


4 dancers

Pictures frames are collapsable and easy to transport.



among the newly familiar

among the newly familiar is a work that allows the viewer to quietly witness the gathering of six voices in one space, time, habitat.


5 or 6 dancers



Caribou (solo)

Dance View Times / George Jackson

“Up from her chair, she throws herself about violently to the muted tract of a blaring chanson. This outburst doesn’t last long. The woman removes her jacket, steps out of the boots, pulls off her socks and stands on stage looking years younger. More than clothing, she has shed decades. An ancestress has transformed into a contemporary dancer who twists, folds and unfurls, rolls left and rises to the right, balances, pivots and makes haste with apparent determination and deliberation … In this theatrical coup, a stern statue came to life as an embodiment of youth and as an example of perpetuum mobile”. (2015)


Solo performed by Helen Simoneau



the gentleness was in her hands

The solo, the gentleness was in her hands, weaves between an automated and sometimes eerie doll-like quality and exquisitely intimate moments. Like surrendering to a memory, the performer allows glimpses of vulnerability to be exposed before reverting back to numbness. Folding and twisting trickle out of the dancer and create a sense of ritual and inevitability within the journey.

Dance View Times/Jamie Townsend

“This staggering of smooth delicacy and frenetic energy evoked a multiplicity of personalities of permutations emanating from a single body, implicating the audience as well as to their expectations of what this piece, at any moment, could be.” (2014)

Explore Dance

“In an unusual moment of complete and untwisted stillness, she sits center stage with a riveting vulnerability, swaying gently with eyes closed. This lasts for a lovely, extended period of time…enhancing a sense of purposeful defenselessness.” (2009)


Solo performed by Helen Simoneau



Flight Distance I

“Flight Distance” is a term used to describe the distance an individual places between themself and others, it varies from person to person and from species to species.


5 dancers



Flight Distance II

“Flight Distance” is a term used to describe the distance an individual places between themself and others, it varies from person to person and from species to species.


6 dancers




Byron Woods/Indy Weekly

“After all these years, it still floors me when a relationship this nuanced is enacted without one word being uttered on stage. It’s one of the first reasons I fell in love with dance to begin with.” (2014)