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Known for high theatricality, gutsy moves and virtuosic musicality, Camille A. Brown & Dancers soar through history like a whirlwind. The company’s work explores typical, real life situations ranging from literal relationships to more complex themes with an eye on the past and present. Making a personal claim on history, through the lens of a modern female perspective, Camille A. Brown leads her dancers through dazzling excavations of ancestral stories

The work is strongly character based, expressing whatever the topic is by building from little moments, modeling a filmic sensibility. Theater, poetry, visual art and music of all genres merge to inject each performance with energy and urgency.

The ensemble has performed in many venues both nationally and internationally, including The Joyce Theater, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Bates Dance Festival, Joyce SoHo, Dance Theater Workshop, City Center’s Fall for Dance Festival, The Skirball Center, Aaron Davis Hall, Fire Island Dance Festival (DRA), Symphony Space, Dance Place, Washington, DC; Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas, Seattle, WA; and Perry-Mansfield’s New Works Festival in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Artistic Director

Camille A. Brown, oCamille A. Brown - Photo by Whitney Browneriginally from Jamaica, Queens, New York, is interested in that space between dance and theater where interdisciplinary work defies category and takes flight. Informed by her music background as a clarinetist, she creates choreography that utilizes musical composition as storytelling- investigating the silent space within the measure. She builds dance vocabulary from a very personal place. Characters are facets of her life, her experience as a lens into the past and the present.

Artistic Statement

“I am fascinated with tying history to my personal experiences and bringing those things to life. I build dance vocabulary from a very personal place. The movement is a fusion of African, Hip- Hop, Jazz, Modern, Tap, and Ballet. I also inject Black social dances into my work and incorporate these dances into my classes as a way to educate people about their origins. History is deeply rooted in these dances. Since my work is character based, the work relies heavily on the dancer’s choice. In this way the work is very collaborative. “


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