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NY Times / Brian Seibert
“What leapt out were the leaps near the end, as Ms. Simoneau repeatedly rolled and rose from a supine position to explode skyward.” (6/2014)

Full Review

Dancers Turn / Melanie Greene
“Simoneau’s dual state, as well as her international presence, situates her
work and company–Helen Simoneau Danse–in an interesting state of
mindfulness that radiates throughout her work as an artist, performer, and
choreographer.” (12/6/13) Full Review

BAC Stories / Jesse Zaritt
“Helen Simoneau’s work lives decidedly in the realm of dance that seeks to
open new spaces of possibility as to how bodies might move through the
world.” (3/20/14) Full Article

Dance View Times / Jamie Townsend
“Simoneau understands this dynamic intrinsically and her work clearly bears the marks of someone deeply invested in what sort of energies can emerge from collaboration.” (7/13/14)Full Review

Dance View Times / Martha Sherman
“Simoneau codes her choreography like an athlete with a soft exterior, a fist in a glove.”(04/21/09) Full Review

Byron Woods (Contributing Editor, Indy Weekly)
“After all these years, it still floors me when a relationship this nuanced
is enacted without one word being uttered on stage. It’s one of the first
reasons I fell in love with dance to begin with.” (02/28/2014) Full Review

ExploreDance.com / Anne Mercurio
“Helen Simoneau is a talented dancer and choreographer; her ability to shape movement that invokes imagery is powerful and given time to craft, creates pieces that float beautifully between imagery and purpose.” (4/2009) Full Review

Dance and Circumstance / Elena Light
“The dancers were wonderfully idiosyncratic, and the movements were often
unexpected and interesting, strung together in ways that made me applaud
Simoneau’s ingenuity” (6/7/14) Full Review

“the piece absorbs, and then haunts.” (10/9/09) Full Review

Washington Post / Rebecca Ritzel
“Like Pite and Barton, Simoneau smartly incorporates design concepts and narrative threads into her work and seeks to collaborate with composers and other artists”. (3/15/15) Full Review

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